About Me

How the studio was born

JB at work with a client

Since I was a kid, people would think I was from central America, but only a few knew that I was from another continent.

Because of this a couple of years ago as I was watching the famous Netflix Series of Narcos, I heard the term Sicario and that sparked my vision on how El Sicario Hair Studio would be named.

So why the chameleon?

As I have lived in three different countries and cultures I had to adapt constantly. An animal can do just that is the chameleon and I feel very close to it.

If you are looking for the perfect hitman for your new hairstyle, come to El Sicario hair studio!

The reason why I choose to do only appointments is that I want my client to have their private time during the service and feel like a VIP.

My Mission

Make sure the client is 100% satisfied.

My Value

“Quality” is more important than Quantity.